• Our Start-up Story

    Our story started with just a creative sparkle. It all began in the summer of 2016 in Tehran. Late in September, that bold thought ended in founding Jahesh Innovative Corporation. In almost a year, we achieved our accelerator license from PTP (Pardis Technology Park.) It was 2018, when we were granted a formal permit from the Vice-presidency of Science and Technology to work as a knowledge enterprise. In a year we were investing in more than Startups in different fields. It was the year 2019 when we were certified to create our own Innovative Parks by the Vice-presidency of Science and Technology and that was a turning point for Jahesh group. Finally, in 2020, when everyone was waiting for the year to end, we could establish a home of more than 1000 square metres to support different start-ups in Tehran.

  • Our vision and Our Mission

    We aim big, and we aspire to become the leading name in the world of Venture Capital in emerging start-ups area. We think we’ll host about 300 entrepreneurs in a short notice and we are more than eager to help them build up empires out of their raw ideas. Moreover, it’s our expenditure to invest in more than 30 Tech Start-ups as we believe they are going to help the challenging employment environment in this country altogether.

  • Our Favorite Startups

    There is a constant question of “which startups do we invest in?” Well the answer is short and clear: - We invest in startup with a clear and complete team of its own - We invest in a startup with an understandable minimum viable product (MVP) - We invest in a startup with creative ideas and clear, logical policies and plans. We are more than eager to invest both in cash, and other ways in those Startups that can meet these three standards

  • Our Innovative Corporation

    Jahesh is not just a name or a place. We have thought about everything a Startup requires to thrive and flourish in our modern world. That’s how we came up with our innovative brands, each responsible for some part of your long-run plans with us. To find out more about each one of them, you can click.

  • Our Core Values and Ways to Win

    When it comes to Startups, no matter how minor they begin, there’s always a bigger picture about it for the owners and that is the possibility of cooperating internationally. In Jahesh, our game field is not limited to Iran. We know the importance of collaborating with International Investors and Startups, and we are present in their field. That’s one of our competitive advantages. We can claim to help you shape international relations and we can prove it. Speaking of our leverage over our rivals, we offer private equity rather than investment from governmental institutions. Since our board of directors are all from private sector, all the investments are non-governmental and injected from private sector. Our core value at Jahesh is to support you both financially and mentally. We offer a fair profit sharing in comparison with our competitors because we believe fairness can work as an incentive.

  • Find Our Building

    Our building with more than 1000 square metres of office space is located at the heart of the commercial and business district of Tehran, adjacent to important organizations, institutions, offices and some of the biggest corporations of the country. It has an easy access to different subway stations, and is sited in one of the least traffic-affected zones of the city.

    • Jahesh Phone Number

      021-8881 4015

    • Email

      [email protected]

    • Jahesh Address

      No. 48, Namazi Alley, Mousavi st., Somayyeh st., Ferdowsi sq.,Tehran, Iran

    • Jahesh Working Hours

      Saturdays to Wednesdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.