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  • We look at challenges as chances to start up the flow of creativity. We started up as entrepreneurs, university graduates, and anonymous elites and we thrived in this risky economy. That is why we invest in those working to solve massive challenges in a time where bold thinkers are needed more than ever. Jahesh was founded by entrepreneurs, and supports those innovation communities who may have nothing but audacious thoughts and big dreams. We learned how to grow and we intend to teach it to those who have what it takes. Find out more about us and why you may want to start up from here.

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Our sub-brands

Make sure you know how to get the best of what you need through one of our sub-brands.
  • To aid you achieve your career goals, you need to reach your full potential and learn practical new things. Jahesh academy was created with the social responsibility to help those graduates seeking jobs learn about business, software, technology, and all other required subjects. What we teach at Jahesh Academy is what Universities failed to fulfill. We offer both online and in-person courses for both soft and hard skills in accordance with the needs of market. We also hold specialized webinars to further your knowledge and skills. Above all, our lesson plans were designed with the aim to help you find graduate-related jobs and train you for your chosen career path. Therefore, we’ll be on board to pitch into you to enter the labor market after passing courses at Jahesh Academy.

  • At Jahesh Startup Studio, we establish templates, databases, tech, ecosystems, and international partners in Europe, East Asia, and even North America. We benefit from a team of experts and professionals who aid us get a new company off the ground from the raw idea stage by providing supports and recourses. Jahesh Startup Studio focuses on generating the best potential outcomes with as little waste as possible. It is where we present our Venture Capital. Our Studio help create startups from ideas on a napkin. What we offer to these startups includes developing 360 degree marketing strategy plans for them, providing them with essential financial supports, accounting, legal, and tech services.

  • Each year at Jahesh Innovation, we choose some startups for our Accelerator program. It is one of the best options we offer to our entrepreneurs. Our mission is to accelerate and invest in brand new startups with promising prototype products so as to help them make it to the big-leagues and become unicorns. We also mentor practical and specialized training courses to prepare startups for big-funding stages. An important part in Jahesh Accelerator program is holding events with sole reason to give our startups this chance to present their products to the funders. We believe with about 500.000.000 tomans for up to 25% equity in a year, they have the best chance to thrive in a world that resources are unfairly distributed.

  • In Jahesh Innovation, we don’t assume only because you’re a startup, you can start needless of a professional office, security, and all the facilities. In fact, an office area, regardless of it’s space, will provide you with the integrity you need to persist in the field. Jahesh Park supplies such a place in co-working space. If you just need a room enough for 2 to 7 people to start up, we can supply that. If you need professional, calm, and specialized conference room for your meetings, we can supply that. Since events are like the inseparable part of every startup operation, we sure supply this one in an unimaginable roof garden in Jahesh Café only for your events. Leave all you need to start in our hands and focus on what you are good at; creativity and hard work.

  • Many life-changing decisions are made during startup meetings, workshops, conferences, and events while no one is talking business! That is the reason why Jahesh Innovation has managed to offer a unique opportunity to help make these rare moments more probable. Jahesh Café was established at the roof garden of the current Jahesh Innovations. It was built and decorated to host about 50 people for different startup events. It is an open and wooded space with a menu of drinks, delicious desserts, cold dishes and exclusive recipes. The ambiance is exceptional and the place can host the startup meetings, and appointments as well as events. Good news is that the café is solely dedicated to the members with a card or those invited by the members and not the public. For our team, staff, and startup employees, breakfast is on the house at our amazing Jahesh Café.

  • Events

    At our exceptional Jahesh Café, we host startup meetings, business conversations, and events. We hope that our events remind you of our entrepreneurial ecosystem, culture of learning, and rich information hub. It's a unique place for startup founders from all walks of life to put their heads together to solve some of the biggest challenging pain points in business today. You won’t encounter the usual canned PowerPoint presentations, droning speakers, or trade show floors at our events. We give you the opportunity to network in small groups (yes, even online ). At our in-person gatherings, we take you inside the most innovative spaces to interact with the teams running some other creative centers, and host informal, interactive sessions that connect you with your peers to share best practices, compare approaches, and explore solutions to common challenges. Our private location at Jahesh Café enables you to choose from different drinks, a menu of delicious desserts, and cold dishes. Your events will be memorable with us.


Frequently Asked Questions
Jahesh is a private corporation with real (common) shareholders. We invest in startups in cooperation with a vast network of Venture Capitalists.
Jahesh provides exclusive opportunities for Venture Capitalists. At Jahesh Accelerator, the investors have a chance to opt out from a series of startups in the field they are most interested in. after thoroughly reviewing them, the investors decide whether they want to invest in the startups or not. Besides, investors can work with Jahesh Startup Studio in order to make their ideas into solid quality products that sell in the market.
Jahesh Academy was created to help the graduate job-seekers learn the skills they required to find their career path. It aims to introduce skilled and specialized individuals to the market. Besides, Jahesh Academy is working as a non-profit entrepreneurship ecosystem
If you own a remarkable idea for a startup, we recommend applying for courses at Jahesh Academy so that you can level up your knowledge around business and startups, and find other potential entrepreneurs to join you as a team. After teaming up and creating a MVP, you can apply at Jahesh Accelerator for investment up to 500,000,000 tomans.
Jahesh Café was built solely for the staff and employees at Jahesh Innovation. If you are not a permanent member, you have to look out for events related to your specialty to apply for an invitation card. Then, we can send you an invitation to show up at Jahesh Café.
In case there are at least 3 startups working in a co-working space or under the same accelerator in the same town/city, Jahesh is interested in possibilities of Co-investing.
The answer is yes! Each season, we accept more than 10 intern to start working at Jahesh. You just need to fill out the form on the recruitment section, and do not forget to check the Internship option. Then you will be considered a valid intern to compete with other interested candid to work as an intern in Jahesh.