• With the aim of solving the main problems and challenges of the society through innovative solutions based on startup technology, we established Jahesh Startup Studio and increased the probability of startups' success by utilizing experienced experts and professionals in the field of internet businesses. In this studio, we also tried to establish international relations and joint cooperation with European countries, North America and East Asia.

Our Startup Studio A-Z Service listings

All we need from you is your vision to start working. Along the way, we will help you validate your idea, build an MVP, and iterate towards reaching product-market fit. After all, having Jahesh on your team means you can count on leading professionals who work together in a multidisciplinary approach. All you need to have is an idea and affordability. We come up with all the possible services you may need on your path along with a working space to accommodate your team which will require its own expenses. This package is defined for projects worth over 1 Billion tomans and not less. Here, We give the opportunity to CEOs, Executives, Business Angels and Corporations to outsource their startup projects to our team of Professional Venture Builders. Validation, development, growth, fundraising and recruitment: we take care of everything.

Service fee
0 to 100
+1 Billion

Our Services

If not opting for our 0-t-100 package, you may want to benefit from one of our services. You can choose, one, two or any number of them you feel would benefit your work to thrive and succeed. Our services include:


Whereas some companies are founded by tech wizards, other teams need hand holding when it comes to managing their IT needs or presenting their technology stack to investors. Jahesh can flex to meet all your tech requirements at any level if you are going to have a successful business with a startup plan. If your business is just starting to get operational, it’s essential that you have an infrastructure in place. Technical Support, if possible, also comes along with good infrastructure management

Coworking Space

For an entrepreneur looking to start their own company, working from home has always been a possibility, but now increasing numbers are seeing the advantages of moving operations to a co-working space. That is why we provide such a space at Jahesh Startup Studio.


Successful startup marketing requires that you have both a great product and great marketing. For that reason, we have come up with all the possible strategies to make your idea sell.


Financial Services include preparing financial documents such as business plans, financial forecasting, valuation, creating presentation slides, and introducing potential investors for next-round financial investments.


By providing legal resources and services for entrepreneurs at every stage in the startup journey, We aim that our entrepreneurs never get lost with legal aspects and get right services to time they are presently in.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Ideas are not enough! If you own a big industry or business and you have an idea of a spin-off startup related to your business, or if you feel like the world lacks a specific helpful startup and you are willing to become the venture capitalist, then Jahesh Startup Studio is your promised land. Thus, you will be responsible for ideas, and we are going to provide vast research, giving you consults, and building up your idea off the ground to reach your target audience and market. We will accompany you throughout the process until it is made sure that your startup is venturing for itself. ,
Project manager should hold a passionate, innovative, competitive character. They are by nature entrepreneurs, and educated at managing businesses. They are marvelous at team-working and experienced in launching startups. They accept the job to develop a specific startup in exchange for payment and stock option. In the process, the project manager will request different services from marketing, legal, finance, and technical departments if they feel it’s necessary. They will receive the requested services in the fastest time possible. That is how the projects will exceed incredibly faster under their supervision; Not to mention time is everything with startups. Jahesh team, along with the investors, chooses a mighty project manager for a specific startup.
Fundraising for a Startup Studio is different than fundraising for a startup venture. With a venture, there is typically a product or service that can be shown to investors and early traction that helps sell that product. With a Startup Studio, this is not the case.
Studios make money through exits. When a venture is mature enough, a startup will leave the Studio and raise additional funds. Once the startup has a significant amount of traction in the marketplace, the startup must work on an exit. The goal of a studio-born venture should always be to get to an exit. That is how Studios make a return on their investment and generate returns for their investors. They also make money offering financial, legal, and technical services for a price.
Accelerators and studios both have their place in the startup ecosystem. The truth is they are just different.
- The success rate is higher in a startup studio because of the infrastructures. However, the admission capacity is less.
- Accelerators take on amazing teams with pre-formed companies and help them get on a scalable trajectory. Meanwhile, Studios take internally formed scalable projects, put teams on them and help them scale.
- Accelerators are great for first-time founders who need to overcome hurdles. Studios are great for experienced veterans in investment world. They both can create huge successes, and both models can fail if mismanaged.
- Stock Share rate for Startup Studios is higher than 85%, while with the accelerators it is about 10 to 35%.
- With startup studios, when one startup fails, the whole team will be relaunched and the startup will not break apart.