Good soil plays the most important role in the growth process of a seed.
Talents and startups are seeds, and investors sow seeds with material and spiritual support.
We at Jahesh strive to provide, with God's help, a vast and good soil for seeds to sprout and grow a hundredfold.

Due to the complexities of the initial product, it is a one to three year process during which:

  • First, the validity of the idea is measured and the opportunities are identified
  • Identity, brand and communication strategy with contacts are designed and implemented.
  • One-year and three-year financial forecasts and business model are written.
  • The initial product is developed by the selected team from the call.
  • Legal processes including registration issues, corporate governance and contracts are developed.
  • A private product introduction event will be held for primary contacts.

After getting through the early stages, startups get reliable data from customers, product and market. By analyzing and verifying this information, Jahesh checks their attractiveness rate for investment and suggests the most suitable investors according to the amount of capital requested and the subject of the activity. It goes on:

  • Interview sessions with startups with the aim of receiving and analyzing business data.
  • Verification of received data.
  • Writing an analytical report of startup attractiveness rate for investment.
  • Selecting the most suitable investors and sending them the analytical introduction report of the startup.
  • Management of investor and startup meetings.
  • Writing an investment contract using the experiences of the innovation ecosystem and global standards.
Classification of investors
  • Angel investor
  • Corporate investment
  • Investment of VC funds

People with knowledge, experience and communication in a specialized field who can significantly increase the speed of growth and progress by investing and partnering with a startup team in that field.

Declaration of readiness for investment