Hiring In Jahesh

In our opinion, challenges are opportunities for creativity. From the beginning, our team consisted of young entrepreneurs and elite graduates were well aware of how to survive in a high-risk economy. That’s why we decided to cooperate with those bold-minded people who welcome big challenges. Jahesh Innovation Startup supports innovative communities and entrepreneurs who have nothing but big dreams and brave ideas. We have learned how to grow and we want to show the path to courageous people to start. Learn more about us to see why it is better to walk the path of your business along with us.

  • Attracting professional workforce
  • Internship
  • Volunteers
  • Military service
  • Attracting professional workforce

    Jahesh Innovation Startup always supports those people with expertise and experience and are not afraid to face challenges, but welcome them with open arms. Therefore, it has provided a suitable environment for them to be a member of the academy in their professional field.

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