• Why Jahesh?

    Venture capitals are key customers of Jahesh accelerator. We always try to provide the best practical services for them. If you are interested in investing in startups personally or legally, we suggest you participate in our new program.Jahesh Innovation Startups’ goal is to reduce investment risk while improving the performance of startups.

Jahesh accelerator services
  • Various Investment Conditions
  • Due Diligence
  • communication
Minimum conditions for raising capital

All of the following conditions are required for any startup to accelerate:

  • Having a complete team
  • Having MVP
  • Having traction with the market
Jahesh Startups
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Project Management
Startup Exit
  • Signing a management agreement with the investor and startup
  • Thorough evaluation of startup product by technical experts
  • Assessing the legal status of the company and the founding members of the startup
  • Assessing the tax situation and matters related to social security insurance
  • Verification and verification of the honesty of the statistics provided by the startup
  • Valuation with several different methods appropriate to the stage and field of activity of the startup
  • Provide a comprehensive report on the outcome of the evaluation and valuation process to the investor
    Jahesh Investors
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