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About Jahesh Academy

The Jahesh Academy is a social enterprise with the aim of raising knowledge and experience. At this enterprise, we try to make the world a better place. We need the support of all of you to accomplish this important social responsibility. Our dream is to build a world in which everyone can pursue his goals based on their interests and talents. We will help you discover your talents and gifts, guiding you along the path of development.We believe that all people are gifted and should only be on the right path. Each person’s professional future depends on acquiring the proper skills.

  • Complete scholarships of students in disadvantaged areas
  • Communicating with non-governmental organizations and carrying out projects requested by them with the help of our academy graduates (such as websites, social networks, etc.)
  • Procuration of employment for applicants and students
  • Help expand the educational infrastructure in low-income regions
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  • Collaboration in Teaching
  • Attending Training Course
  • Collaborating as a Mentor
  • Collaboration in Teaching

    To cooperate with prominent companies and brands to produce teaching material and hold skill-based training courses, Jahesh Academy appreciates the cooperation of other companies. The content and teaching of the courses are done by companies and technical discussions, records, and edits are the responsibility of Jahesh Academy. The price of courses is approved by the companies and presented on the Jahsh Academy website. After deducting expenses, all the revenues will be spent on social responsibility projects. All financial and required details will be provided to the companies in a panel. If you are the owner of a reputable brand or you know a famous company or brand interested in participating in this educational and benevolent project, please fill out the form. Jahesh Academy is proudly ready to cooperate with you.