Our story
  • 2014

    Although Jahesh Innovation Startup was officially registered on September 3, 2014, the story of Jahesh’s birth dates back to several years ago. Since 2013, when the enthusiasm for building startups arose in Iran, Kaveh Goodarzi and Pouya Kondari have played an active role in the start-up ecosystem. Some of their activities include:
    • Helping to hold startup weekend in more than 70 cities in Iran
    • Representing and holding international exhibitions such as Seed Stars World and Pirate Summit
    • Holding entrepreneurship events at Shahid Beheshti University
    • Holding INOTEX event in cooperation with Pardis Technology Park and FinStars exhibition in FinTech field

  • 2016

    The lasting asset of such events was access to dynamic networks of key players in Iran’s startup ecosystem and innovation, which could reduce the risk of launching Jahesh. Finally, in the spring of 2016, the first idea to launch Jahesh Innovation Startup was formed and the first Jahesh Academic course was held in Shahid Beheshti university which was unprecedently welcomed by the students and faculty members of the university. We held several meetings with key investors in the summer and fall of 2016, and finally, with the good grace of a Venture Capital firm, we were able to focus on advancing the fundraising negotiations. Unbelievably, the investing managers withdrew from the negotiations and we were confronted with a dilemma: 1-Stop trying and accept failure 2- Continue to bootstrap (refunding from costs) Despite all the problems and challenges in the bootstrap path, we decided to choose the second way. In the fall and winter of 2016, more events were held in Shahid Beheshti University by Jahesh, and we succeeded to gain an acceleration license and Knowledge Enterprise.

  • 2017

    In 2017, we were able to accelerate 9 startups in the first cycle and 7 startups in the second cycle in 2018. Meantime, the path of growth and development of established startups was facilitated via the network of investors.

  • 2019

    In 2019, we decided to physically expand Jahesh Innovation Startup. Henceforth, we established the Jahesh Innovation Center with approval from the Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology. The center was renovated with the cooperation and support of Islamic Azad University in an area of more than 8000 square meters on Enghelab Street and was put into operation under the name of Dr. Gharib Innovation House. Unfortunately, the successive changes of Azad University managers and the existing bureaucracy have compelled us to change the Jahesh innovation center to a new location with completely private ownership.

  • 2020

    In the winter of 2019, Jahesh Innovation Startup was relocated to a 1,000-meter privately owned complex near Ferdowsi Square, paving the way for the birth of new subsets in Jahesh. Currently, Jahesh owns 5 sub-categories which are described separately on different pages of the Jahesh website: Accelerator – Solution Lab - Startup Studio - Park - Academy

Board Of Advisor

Jahesh board advisors are well-known experts with academic knowledge and sufficient experience in idea creating and operating well-known businesses and sharing their knowledge and experience with the Jahesh board through their social responsibility.

  • Hamed Edrisian

    Hamed Edrisian

    Financial Manager at Paydar Holding

  • Pedram Varshowkar

    Pedram Varshowkar

    CEO at Dara Kart

  • Jahesh Audiences

    Given the wide scope of Jahesh’s activities, all players in the startup and innovation ecosystem are somehow the audiences of Jahesh’s services and products. In general, Jahesh audiences are classified into several groups as followed:Startups, venture capitalists, industry owners, universities, science and technology parks, and science centers, knowledge-based companies, students and graduates, business consultants and trainers, technical and programming companies, design and marketing

    • Board Of Advisor
    • startups
    • Investor
    • intern
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    • Collegs
    • Science and Technology Parks
    • industry
    • provider
  • vision

    Transforming different industries through innovation in the field of international competition

  • mission

    Creating a complete and interconnected innovation ecosystem so that every student and graduate interested in this field can start their career path with the required knowledge and skills and benefit from leap support in order to create value.

Members Of Jahesh
  • kaveh Goudarzi


  • Amir Parsa

    Board of Directors

  • Payam Zandi

    Solution Lab Manager

  • Alireza Eslahi

    Academy Manager

  • Elyar Peykaran

    Acceletor Manager

  • Maryam Goodarzi

    Human Resources Manager

  • Mehraz Mohseni

    content Producer

  • Pedram Najafi

    Product Designer

  • Salman Keshavarzi

    Graphic Designer

  • Hassan Fadaieyan


  • Amir Mohammad ebadi

    Marketing expert

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