• Our goal is to help startups grow and succeed. We believe that technology has the potential to make the world a better place, and we invest our time and resources in influential entrepreneurs. Since 2016, we have been accelerating startups, introducing them to public and private companies for joint ventures and investing in them to develop their business.

Accelerator Acceptance Areas


Road Map

This is what takes place for a startup, and these are the big steps we want you to picture. Once this is done, and we’re working with a startup, we’re accelerating them, and maybe also investing in them.

young startups are summoned to join us for the Accelerator program annually

Select Startups

startups are chosen for our Accelerator program with promising prototypes


The chosen Startups will be contacted through their information in the filled-out forms for interviews and further meetings

Acceleration Process

training courses are presented and the accelerator program begins

Demo Dey

events are held to give our top 10 this chance to present their products to the funders

One of our successful startups


Frequently Asked Questions
Limit your ideas to one. Work on the one that will result in the most immediate, actual progress in users' lives. Do not pressure your thoughts worrying about competitors, or how users will find out about it, or how to make money at first. What you need to keep in mind though is that you don't want to work on something that's going to take ten years. In our fast-paced age, ten years means checkmate.
A 2-to-3-people founding team tend to be ideal. Especially, if there is one technical cofounder. Having more founders than 3 will get confusing and trust us if we say it will slow things down.
If you are thinking about a far future, you probably should start working on your team work skills. Best startups were founded by more than a single person. The nice point is that the founders normally have been friends for some years even before starting the company. The best way to meet co-founders is to make friends with the potential ones at school, college, work place, etc.
Don’t underestimate the value of the money combined with intelligence. It is true that Investing in startups is a dicey proposition, but the minimum requirement for overhead capital combined with high upside potential, makes it lucrative for investors to put their bets on startups.
Apply online for our next funding cycle. We are going to consider your application.
No venture firm would at this stage sign an NDA. The informal commitment to secrecy on our application form is more than any VC would make. Plus, booking for a patent is always possible if the idea needs formal support. Copy Right law is not applicable in Iran. Besides, Jahesh builds its whole contracts based on trust. We are a legitimate company. We work on many different startups and projects throughout a year. It’s not about just one idea. If we focus only on one startup, our failure is nothing but an obvious outcome. So, no need to worry about idea theft.
Our team of experts assess the value of the collaboration between you and the corporation for both sides, as well as your team, your traction / contact to customers, your business idea (from the purely startup side), etc. Then, due to the limitation to the number of admissions, we may set up an interview or simply compare the totality of your team and idea with others to come up with the chosen ones.
Jahesh invests into every startup that participates in our accelerators, up to a maximum of 500,000,000 tomans. Typically, for every 500,000,000 tomans that startups get from Jahesh, there will be an annual share of equity offered in exchange.
Eligibility criteria for startups vary among the individual accelerators, and are based on the business population to be served. Yet, a formed team with a promising idea and prototype product works as an eligible candidate to be granted investments and services from Jahesh accelerator.
A prototype is worth a thousand PowerPoint slides - construct one! If you just have an idea, you’re really not that special in this competition. Our suggestion is that you checkout online courses for pre-accelerators program, first.

Apply for Jahesh Accelerator

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